We Offer High Quality Services

We offer high quality services. Advance dental treatment offered at our clinic includes crowns, bridges and implants. Crowns, bridges and implants are fixed prosthetic devices that are cemented onto the existing teeth or to replace the missing teeth.

Dentists repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. The pulp is removed and inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed to relieve dental pain and save the tooth.

More facilities provided includes digital X-rays, teeth whitening( bleaching), teeth cleaning(scaling), oral surgeries, cosmetic fillings, implants, etc. We are dedicated towards our patients

To Accomodate All Patients

To fulfill the expectations by providing exceptional dental care to our patients and at the same time building a relationship of trust with them. We are dedicated towards our work and want our patients to feel confident that they will receive the best dental care and treatment.

To provide the highest quality life time dental care in a professional, caring and comfortable environment. We are confident and self assured about our services.

Our Goal and objectives

To provide high quality dental care which includes consultations, digital X-rays(RVG), treatment of periodontal diseases( eg: gingivitis, periodontitis), dental restorations and fillings including composite restorations, prosthetics including implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, removable dentures, mouthguards, veneers, orthodonntic appliances, root canal treatments, surgical treatments( intra- alveolar extractions, trans- alveolar extractions) child dentistry, cosmetic dentistry.

.To focus on prevention of various kinds of dental diseases by promoting good oral health to all patients attending our practice for care and advice.

Our Clinic Dedicated

Advance Dental Clinic offers the best dental treatment to its patients because we understand the needs and comfort level of our patients

Well Experience Dentist

Advance Dental Clinic have highly experienced dentist in Jamshepur for kids and Adults.

High Technology Facilities

Advance Dental Clinic is equiped with latest technology equipments,Labs,Operation Theaters

Comfortable Clinics

Advance Dental Clinic offers facilities for Specialist Consultation, Diagnostics, Preventive Health Checks

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Advance Dental Clinic provides happy smile on every faces,we are dedicated towards commitment,Best services,
healthy awareness etc..

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